What are I-line fittings?

What are I-line fittings? In the tubing system, it is common if some of them are actually separated each others. It is mainly if some tubes be deflected on the corners. Meanwhile, it is impossible also to find a set of tubing system that follow your house and sanitary system since the beginning. Since you need to set them up by yourself, there is I-line fittings needed. The functions are clear; they are to connect to each other so that the flow can run well inside the tube. Despite you can find it on the sanitary system, I-line fittings are also widely used in the industries particularly in the food and beverages, pharmaceutical, and dairy.KP-Lok

The Descriptions of I-line Fittings

Mostly, I-line fittings are made from metal since the main function is indeed to prevent the water leaking. For this matter, metal is considered as being safer and more durable than the others. to make it work well. The metal used is various. However, the most common ones to be used are the 304 and 316 L stainless steel. These fittings consist to two main parts; they are interlocking male and female ferrules. To install them, spare parts used are gaskets and clamps.

The shapes for male parts are various. But the most famous one is the 90-degree elbow for its main function to facilitate the corner. Meanwhile, the female part is likely a thin tube with a big whole and slim edge. Both parts are installed by interlocking the female part to the male part. Then, using clamps and gaskets, the male part can just be connected to other tubing systems. The choice of those designs is not without any reasons. Based on the observations and research, the design is effective to keep the system sturdy from high temperatures, pressures, and vibrations.

What are I-line fittings?

The Benefits of I-line Fittings Installation

In general, it is known that this kind of fittings is functioned to improve the sanitary system. But in more specific ways, it is actually more about how to make the flow of liquid runs more smoothly. Besides, there is commonly leaking on the certain parts of tubing system particularly on the corners. I-line fittings strengthen the system so that leaking can just be avoided. It is also based on the fact of the metal utilization that is believed cannot be obstructed simply by liquid even for a strong sprout.

Whether in housing or industrial installation, it is really important for sure. When the water is stopped, it doesn’t mean that there is no water at all in the tubing system. The water is even accumulated there. The leak can be a big deal if it is not being overcome as soon as possible since it is possible for domestic flood. The worse thing is if the flow carries dirty water like the waste of industry. It is not exaggerating to say that the leaking is basically a failure within sanitary system. When, it keeps that way, it gives more problems for sure particularly in term of health. So, although it looks simple, I-line fittings are essential on the tubing system.